Overnight Muesli – Yogood Glow Parfait Muesli Nuts&Chia

by MissChoong.RPh

Overnight Muesli - Yogood Glow Parfait Muesli Nuts&Chia

Overnight Muesli – Yogood Glow Parfait Muesli Nuts&Chia Baking Overnight Muesli – Yogood Glow Parfait Muesli Nuts&Chia European Print This
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
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Parfait Muesli Nuts & Chia
Chocolate milk巧克力牛奶
Chocolate flakes巧克力碎


  1. Add in Muesli 加入Muesli
  2. Add in bananas 加入香蕉
  3. Add in Muesli again 再次加入Muesli
  4. Add in bananas again 再次加入香蕉
  5. Add in chocolate milk 倒入巧克力牛奶
  6. Decorate the top part with chocolate flakes and Muesli 用巧克力碎和Muesli装饰顶部
  7. Refrigerated overnight 冷藏过夜

【Overnight Muesli】👈👈👈This is my favourite breakfast recently😍 The preparation is really convenient, fast and it’s healthier! It's also very good to take photo and share on social media.🤩
I would like to share with you all 4 of my favorite overnight muesli combinations🧡

Many people may ask, I have only heard of overnight oat and never heard of overnight muesli. What is the difference between them?
In fact, overnight muesli can be regarded as a luxurious upgraded version of overnight oat! The ingredients in it are richer and more diverse than overnight oat!

Here are the benefits of overnight muesli⬇️⬇️⬇️

✅Overnight muesli contain a combination of oat, nuts, raisins, and dry fruits. (On the contrary, overnight oat only has oat, other ingredients need to be added by yourself)
✅The mouthfeel of overnight muesli is more diversified, rich in nutrition, and not so easy to get bored.
✅The preparation is very simple and fast, because it contains a lot of raw materials, so usually only need to add milk, yogurt or some fresh fruit that you like.
✅High in fiber and protein! It is also helps you feel full longer, therefore is suitable for people who is on diet or who want a healthier lifestyle.

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