Sunsilk Collagen Filler Super Conditioner

by MissChoong.RPh

【 Sunsilk’s collagen filler super conditioner】It actually has three series,  namely power shine, volume booster and damage rescue. Because my hair is very dry and has many split ends, it may have been seriously damaged because I had dyed my hair before! So I chose damage rescue to remedy my hair.

If I am not mistaken, Sunsilk collagen filler super conditioner is a new product of Sunsilk in 2019. I have been using their conditioner for a long time, the result is really good, and the smell is very fragrant. And this time their conditioner has also changed a lot on the packaging.

From the previous packaging, which is a relatively low-quality plastic material, until now this whole is shiny and looks as if it is very high-grade. But its price is very affordable. When I bought it, it was about RM11! I think it should be enough for me to use it ten times! So if I divided it, it only cost me RM1 at a time!

Then what attracted me was the word ‘collagen’ on the package. Collagen is usually known to be an oral supplement or used in skin care products. Hair care is really the first time I see it.

Collagen itself is a large protein, and it will be difficult for the body to absorb without processing. Therefore, the collagen used in skin care products and health care products is usually hydrolysed collagen. Hydrolysed collagen is actually a collagen that has been disintegrated. Its size is relatively small and it is easier to absorb. In fact, our body has collagen itself, but it will gradually lose with age. So we need external collagen from supplements.

Skin care products containing hydrolysed Collagen can help moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles, and maintain our skin elasticity. Hydrolyzed collagen also prevents static caused in your hair, so your hair doesn’t look too frizzy.

Then, I guess why it is called collagen filler, because it will penetrate your hair, fill it up with the lost nutrients and water, and make your hair look full and nutritious. Moreover, it also adds Argan oil and Evening Primrose Oil, both of which are natural hair conditioners that are good for hair.

In addition to these more natural conditioning agents, of course it must add some chemical hair conditioners and antistatic agents such as silicone, behentrimonium chloride, magnesium nitrate and so on. When many people hear the word chemistry, they start to be afraid, fearing that these chemicals are harmful to them. But in fact, almost all conditioners on the market will have these additives, these are actually ingredients that help to keep your hair smooth.

Ok, let me show you the result. My hair is smooth and shiny after using the conditioner, and it won’t get stuck! And it smells good too! It really did not disappoint me. The price is also very cheap, it is worth recommending to all of you!

But in fact, the conditioner, like other skin care products, needs to be keeping in use. If you stop using it, its effect will disappear. So you have to use the conditioner every time after you wash your hair to keep its effect and keep your hair smooth.

Because our shampoo doesn’t consist of much hair conditioner, if you don’t use conditioner, your hair will be very dry! Another reminder, when you apply conditioner, try to start from your hair tip, and then slowly apply it to the top. Try not to touch your scalp, or else the top of your head will easily get oily and your hair will be flatten.

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