Party Time Trio Color Collection and Tartelette Tease Eyeshadow Palette

by MissChoong.RPh

Today I am going to do an unboxing, it is tarte’s party time trio color collection and tartelette tease eyeshadow palette. These eye shadow and party time trio were given by colleagues in the same department when I left my last job. Thanks to them very much. And coincidentally, they just chose the brand tarte. Tarte is a brand I like very much. I have bought the brush and eyeshadow of tarte’s mermaid series before. At that time, it was because of the attractiveness of its packaging that it was girlish and mermaid themed. I still don’t want to throw away its box until now. The design of this fish scale on the box is really attentive. Its brush is the tail of a mermaid, and its eyeshadow box is in the shape of a shell. It really gives you a feeling like a princess.

Today I want to introduce these, because these are not bought by myself, so I don’t know what the price is. But I went to sephora’s website to check its price. The price of this eye shadow is RM95, and the box of party time trio is RM75. This eyeshadow palette is in a small box. It is convenient to take out or travel. Then this party time trio is like a starter pack with mascara, blush blush and lipgloss inside. Then there is a small printed card behind it, which is written to and from. So if you are giving a gift to others, you can write the name of the person you want to send and your own name on it . Especially, If you want to give a girl a gift but don’t know what to send, I think this is a good gift. Every girl will be very happy to receive it. Because it is very practical and the packaging is very beautiful.

Tarte is a brand from the New York United States. Their main selling point is that they use natural ingredients for their products.But even if it says so, every cosmetic must contain some chemical ingredients such as surfactant, fragrance, bulking agent, these ingredients will easily cause acne and pore clogging. But the most important thing is to remove makeup cleanly. Otherwise, no matter how good the cosmetics are, it will still cause damage to your skin.

Also, for tarte products, they claim that they do not contain paraben, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten and other bad ingredients, and it is also cruelty free.

Paraben and triclosan are preservatives, added to the product to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

Previously, a small number of studies said that paraben is closely related to breast cancer.

Although this has not been confirmed, it has caused panic among many people. Products containing triclosan can also affect our endocrine system and cause antibiotic resistance, making some antibiotics less effective.

Phthalates is a plasticizer that is added to cosmetics to prevent your cosmetics from cracking. Many studies have confirmed that it is harmful to our environment and health. So now many cosmetics companies try to reduce the use of this ingredient.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as SLS, is a surfactant,  our shampoo and detergent will bubble because of the addition of this agent. It is best not for people with sensitive skin to use products containing SLS, as it will irritate your skin. So usually you will see personal care products suitable for sensitive skin are advertised as sulfate free.

Many people will be sensitive to gluten, and a small number of people will have sensitive symptoms when using cosmetics containing gluten, especially if they are using lipstick or lipgloss, if they accidentally swallow some into the stomach, it will cause stomach wind and diarrhea .

Next, let me show you the color of this eye shadow. 

I really like the color combination of this eye shadow, it is the color tone of coffee and earth series. To me, this is the most basic and versatile tone. Basically it is suitable for daily use, it can be used to go to work, party, or hang out with friends. It has a total of 6 colors, and each color has its own name. This is whisper, wink, crush, first kiss heartbreaker, bff. Their names sound young, right? It felt like we were back in our first love. And you see that its color combination is really nice and matchy.

Its mascara is not of the type that is too thick, it is of a more natural type, and it should be non waterproof. The blush color is in peach , it looks young and natural when applied. Its lipgloss tastes fragrant, a bit like candy,and is very sweet.

 I don’t know if it ’s because of my limited makeup skills. This makeup doesn’t look obvious. The whole makeup is basically simple. Ok! It doesn’t matter, my main purpose is to do product review of the product, it’s not a makeup tutorial anyway, the most important thing is to let you all see the real outcome of the product and the buyer show. Maybe a makeup artist or make up blogger able to bring the effect of this eyeshadow to the fullest! If it is an ordinary person, like me, it should be like this.

Alright! This is what I shared today! If you like my video, you can subscribe to my blog. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave me a message below. Or if you are also using this cosmetic, you can share your experience in the comments below. See you next time, bye!

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